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Six songs to master!

Battle of Rock

Rock your way to stardom!

Beat Battle

Feel the beat!

Bongo Boom Battlegrounds

Command an army with drums!

BPO Disk

DDR style game!

Bullet Audyssey

Can you survive the beat?

Cosmic Fozmik

Dodge comets while funky music plays!

Dream Symphony

Find inspiration in your dreams!

Friday Night Funkin

Getting freaky on Friday night!

Guitar Geek

More guitar geekiness!

Incubus Pulsum

Monsters of rock!

Jungle Jiggy

Get jiggy with it!

Knights of Rock

Rock out in the Middle Ages!

Mini Drum Pro

Drum along to the song!

Mr. Mucky Guitar Legend

Go crazy with the catfish!

Musaic Box

Piece together musical puzzles!

Music Bounce

Musical breakout!

Music Catch

Play a relaxing game of music catch!

Music Catch 2

Can you catch it?

Music in Motion

Move to the music!

Music Mania

Six rhythm minigames!

Music Ping

Hit the notes at the right time!

Music Smash

Four sides of musical madness!

Music Stomp

Watch out below!

Music Zap

Don't get zapped!


Compose your own songs online!


Bring music back to the silent world!

Physic Music Pop

Music and physics!


Punk music maker!

Punk-O-Matic 2

Start a band and rock out!

Rhythm Blaster

Rhythm-based retro shooter!

Rhythm Fireworks

Make musical explosions!

Rockstar Dreamer

Make your rock dreams come true!


A game involving shapes and music!

Santa Rockstar

From Christmas legend to rock legend!

Santa Rockstar 2

Rock the holidays!

Santa Rockstar 3

Unleash your inner rock star!

Santa Rockstar 4

Have a rockin' Christmas!

Santa Rockstar 5

Rudolph saves the world!

Short Circuit

Music-based avoider!


Turn your speakers up!

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac

Online Guitar Hero game!

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 2

The maniac is back!

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 3

New songs and guitars!

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4

Who says stick figures can't rock?

Symphonic Tower Defense

A musical tower defense game!


A symphonic puzzler!

Touch the Bubbles 2

Musical memory game!

Up Beat

Keep up with the beat!

We Are Legend

Set zombies on fire!

Weezer Jam Session

Look just like Buddy Holly!
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