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12 Days

Snipers don't take holidays!

Agent B10

Kill to keep your ice cream recipe a secret!

Anaksha: Dark Angel

The femme fatale is back!

Anaksha: Female Assassin

Take justice into your own hands!


Test your sniping skills!

Chav Hunter

Eliminate the chavs and their cheap bling!

Clear Vision

See the world through the eyes of a sniper!

Clear Vision 2

The stickman sniper series continues!

Clear Vision 5

Keep on sniping!

Clear Vision Elite

Are you an elite sniper?

Dawn of the Sniper

Protect the survivors!

Dawn of the Sniper 2

Lives are at stake!

Foxy Sniper

Looks can be deceiving!

Foxy Sniper 2

Foxier and deadlier!

Fulltime Killer

It's your job to kill!


More sniper missions!

Hitman Mission Pack

Complete all six missions!

Mort the Sniper

They call him Mort!

Mort the Sniper 2

Mort is his name, sniping is his game!

One Shot One Kill

A sniper's motto!

Panda: Tactical Sniper

Cute, but deadly!

Panda: Tactical Sniper 2

The panda needs your help!

Phantom Sniper

It's a bad day to be a stickman!

Professional Sniper

Snipe like a pro!

Save the Witness

Keep the witness alive!

Scope: First Blood

A sniper is born!

Sift Heads

The mafia has a job for you!

Sift Heads 2

A very violent sequel!

Sift Heads 4

There are international heads to be sifted!

Sift Heads 5

Watch your head!

Smoking Kills

Old habits die hard!


Snipe anything that moves!

Sniper 3

Snipe terrorists!

Sniper Assassin

Assassinate stick figures!

Sniper Assassin 2

Long range killing machine!

Sniper Assassin 3

This time it's personal!

Sniper Assassin: Final

The last bullet!

Sniper: WWII

A short sniper game!

Sniper: Year One

Your first year on the job!

Sniper: Year Two

Another year of sniping!

Stick Squad

Sniping missions await you!

Stick Squad 2

More sniping missions!

Stick Squad 3

The squad is back!

Stick Squad 4

Eliminate your targets!


Aim for the head!

Stickshot 2

Take your best shot!

Stinger Sniper

Sniper game with point-and-click missions!

Stoneage Assassin

Prehistoric sniper game!

Stoneage Assassin 2

The age of assassins!

SWAT 2 - Tactical Sniper

Stickmen, weapons, and tactics!

Tactical Assassin

Stickman sniper game!

Tactical Assassin 3

Snipe stickman heads!

Tactical Assassin Mobile

Realistic sniping action!

Tactical Assassin Substratum

The legendary assassin is back!

The Sniper

Search and kill!

The Sniper 2

The WWII sniper is back in action!

The Strangers

Some strangers don't want democracy!

Urban Sniper

There's a new sniper in town!
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