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Ragdoll Games
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Dodge saw blades!

Boneless Girl

An endless fall!


Launch bodies into sharp objects!

Cannibal Casserole

Feed the cannibals!

Crash Test Launcher

Launch crash test dummies!

Double Wires

Double the wires, double the fun!

Drop Dead

It's a bad day to be a teddy bear!

Drop Dead 2

Pain is inevitable!

Drop Dead 3

Three times the pain!

Drunken Boxing

Not for lightweights!

Dummy Crusher

Leave no dummy undamaged!

Dummy Crusher 2

Crush dummies into dust!

Dummy Never Fails

Fun with crash test dummies!

Dummy Never Fails 2

These dummies are made for launching!

Falling Bush

The downfall of Bush!

Falling Skeleton

The Halloween edition!

Free Ball

Hacky sack with ragdoll physics!

Free Ball 2

Keep it in the air!

Grapple Ninja

Avoid the lava and traps!


Risk life and limb!

Hanger 2

Watch your limbs!

Hanger 2: Endless Level Pack

Swing until your limbs fall off!

Hanger 3

Swing your way to victory!

Happy Wheels

Achieve ultimate happiness!

Hell on Duty

Send the demons back to Hell!

I Want You Dead, Santa

Santa must die!

Indi Cannon

Help Indiana Jones collect the coins!

Jazzy Ragdoll

Ragdoll in the sky with mines!

Mutilate-a-Doll 2

Ragdoll stress relief!

Puppet Killer

Hate puppets? This game is for you!

Ragdoll Achievement

Torture a dummy for achievements!

Ragdoll Achievement 2

Test the durability of a ragdoll!

Ragdoll Avalanche 2

Dodge the falling spikes!

Ragdoll Avoider

Four ragdoll games in one!

Ragdoll Ball

A new ragdoll sport!

Ragdoll Cannon

Use a ragdoll as a projectile!

Ragdoll Cannon 2

More levels of Ragdoll Cannon!

Ragdoll Cannon 3

Now with achievements!

Ragdoll Cannon 4

Featuring sticky and explosive ragdolls!

Ragdoll Cannon: Level Pack

Hit targets with flying ragdolls!

Ragdoll Cannon: Remake

Ragdolls and physics collide!

Ragdoll Course

Points for pain!

Ragdoll Double Dodge

Control two ragdolls at the same time!

Ragdoll Goalkeeper

Defend your goal!

Ragdoll Homicide

Mr. Ragdoll has a date with death!

Ragdoll Invaders

Close encounters of the ragdoll kind!

Ragdoll Laser Dodge

Avoid a nasty laser death!

Ragdoll Master

Dodge bullets, Matrix-style!

Ragdoll Ninja

Slice up ragdolls!

Ragdoll Pirates

The pirates are coming!

Ragdoll Ricochet

Don't get sliced by flying discs!

Ragdoll Rooftops

How did a dead body get on the roof?

Ragdoll Savior

Save raggy!

Ragdoll Spree

Pop the balloons!

Ragdoll Tennis

Tennis, anyone?

Ragdoll Volleyball

Play a game of volleyball!

Save the Dummy

Help a dummy in need!

Save the Dummy: Level Pack

Bring the dummy to safety!
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