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Match 3 + Tetris + physics!

Penguin Destroyer

All penguins must die!

Penguin Slice

Slice to kill!

Penguin Slice Ice

More icy levels!

Penguin Slice Part 2

Those naughty penguins are back!

Penguin Slice Valentine

Love is in the air!

People on My Lawn

Kill intergalactic trespassers!

People on My Lawn 2

Trespassers will die!

Perfect Balance

Perfect the art of balancing shapes!

Perfect Balance 2

Stack your way to perfection!

Perfect Balance 3

Sixty new levels!

Perfect Balance New Trials

Thirty shape balancing trials!

Perpetual Motion

Build a device capable of perpetual motion!

Pharaoh's Second Life

Puzzle your way through a pyramid!


Balls and physics... what more could you ask for?

Physic Music Pop

Musical popping physics!


Drive and upgrade!

Physics Invader

Space Invaders with physics!

Physics Symmetry 2

Can you achieve symmetry?

Piggy in the Puddle

Pigs will be pigs!

Piggy Wiggy

Acorns make pigs happy!

Piggy Wiggy Seasons

The pigs have gone nuts!

Pigs Can Fly

Give the gift of flight!

Pigs Will Fly

Help a pig get its wings!

Pimp My Tree

Decorate the tree!

Pipol Smasher

When cars attack!

Pirates S.O.S.

Save our souls!

Pirates vs. Ninjas

The war between pirates and ninjas continues!

Pirates: Arctic Treasure

Collect the treasure!

Planet Adventure

Explore a planet!

Polar PWND

Penguin pwnage!

Polar PWND 2

Polar bears vs. penguins, round 2!

Poppable Cascade

Gotta pop 'em all!


Burn the porcupines' enemies!


Play matchmaker for monsters!

Pour the Fish

Give this fish some water!

Pour the Fish Level Pack

Rehydrate the fish!

Prose and Motion

Find the perfect world!

Puffball Hunter

Catch the tree-dwelling balls!

Puffball Puzzles

Capture those balls!

Pumpkin Master

Show pumpkins the way to Hell!

Pumpkin Remover

Pumpkin physics puzzler!

Pumpkin Remover 2

A spooky sequel!

Pumpkin Remover 3

Don't let rotten pumpkins spoil your Halloween!

Purple Invaders

Death to all purple shapes!

Puru Puru

Physics puzzler with teleporting blobs!

Puru Puru 2

Destroy and draw!

Putt Base

Minigolf puzzle game!

Putt More Base

More golf puzzles!

Puzzle Cannon

Knock their blocks off!

Rabbit Rustler

Teleport rabbits to safety!

Ragdoll Cannon

Shoot ragdolls out of a cannon!

Ragdoll Cannon 2

Seventy levels of ragdoll fun!

Ragdoll Cannon 3

It's not easy being a ragdoll!

Ragdoll Cannon 4

Ragdolls will fly!

Ragdoll Cannon: Level Pack

Ragdoll + cannon = fun!

Ragdoll Cannon: Remake

Improved physics and level design!

Ragdoll Homicide

Blow up ragdolls!

Ragdoll Salvation

Don't let the ragdolls die!
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