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Magic Safari

Who knew gorillas could drive?

Magic Safari 2

The safari continues!

Magnetic Rush

Attract and repel magnets!


Blow groundhogs to smithereens!

Match Day of the Dead

Angry Birds with zombies!

Max Damage

Achieve maximum damage!

Max Damage 2

Break more stuff!

Max Damage 3

Leave nothing unbroken!


Blow baddies into oblivion!

Mechanical Puzzles

Let's get mechanical!


Rotate the gears!


Slice up your environment!

Mechanism 2

Another object-slicing puzzler!

Mechanism 3

More cutting puzzles!


Multi-colored creatures with super powers!

Meeblings 2

They're back!

Meeblings Player Pack 1

More levels of Meeblings!

Mine It

Mining isn't easy!

Mini Train

Make a path for the train!

Missing Mechanism

Fill in the missing pieces!

Monster Island

This island is only big enough for one monster!

Monsterland 2: Junior Revenge

Revenge of the block!

Monsterland 3: Junior Returns

The land that never sleeps!

Monsterland 4

One more junior!

Monsterland: Junior vs. Senior

Wake up the old block!

Monsters in Bunnyland

Bunnyland is no place for a monster!


Reach the moon!


Fill up the bottle with milk!

Mooo Twooo

Genetically enhanced!


Morph your way to the goal!


Fight terrorism with a mortar!

Mouse House

Don't let the poor mouse starve!


Multiple balls, one goal!

Mummy Blaster

The mummies are alive!


Shrooms and booms!

MushBooms Level Pack

No one likes an angry mushroom!

Mushroom Cannon

Fun with mushrooms!

Mustache Time

Respect the mustache!


More tiny tank adventures!

Nature Strikes Back

Put an end to pollution!

Need Water

Oil and water don't mix!


Reuinite bots with their pods!


Help the bird reach the nest!

New Splitter Pals

Slice and dice!


Solve puzzles with gears, hinges and balloons!


Light up the night!

Nightflies 2

Use your ladybugs wisely!

Nimble Piggy

This little piggy built a cannon!

Ninja Bear

Go Ninja Bear, go!

Ninja Cannon

Slay demons with your ninja cannon!

Ninja Cannon Retaliation

The ninjas strike back!

Ninja Dogs

Ninja dogs to the rescue!

Ninja Dogs 2

Launch stealthy canines!

Ninja Shape

Take down the gangsters!


Haul some explosives!

Noobies Invasion

Trap the invaders!

Not in My Dungeon

Protect your treasure!

Nutty Mania

Go nuts!

O-Shaped Ninjas

Slice up your enemies!
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