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Amigo Pancho

Steer clear of sharp things!

Amigo Pancho 2

Next stop, New York City!

Blast the Monster

Kill the monster with one bomb!


Split 'em up!


Burst your bubble!

BubbleQuod 2

Another bubble adventure!


How high can you build?

Cake Connect

Stack sugary treats!

Can You Even

Can you spell?

Cannon Basketball 4

No athleticism required!

Catch the Candy

Collect the candy!

Chromatic Seals

Turn the seals gray!


Free balls from their chains!

Civiballs 2

Put the balls back in their vases!

Couch 2048

Can you reach 2048?

Cover Orange Journey Pirates

Prepare for the storm!

Crazy Parking

Don't run out of gas!

Cute Elements

Unleash the elements!


Jenga with tetrominoes!

Destroy the Village

Destroy it all!

Doctor Acorn 2

Another dose of nuttiness!


A dinosaur that loves donuts!

Donutosaur 2

The dinosaur wants more donuts!

Draw Dash

Draw a path!


Draw and defend!

Drawfender Level Pack

Use your pencil wisely!

Dream Car Racing

Dream it, build it, drive it!


Nothing to do with drunk driving!

Dummy Crusher

Crush those dummies!

Dummy Crusher 2

More dummy-crushing fun!

Dummy Never Fails

Failure is not an option!

Dummy Never Fails 2

Now with a dummy editor!

Dummy Never Fails: Community

Dummies get no respect!

Dungeon Breaker

Break free of these chains!

Dusty Monsters Christmas

The monsters just want some candy for Christmas!

Dwarf Coins

Collect gems and coins!

Dynamic Systems 2

Create complex contraptions!

Dynamite Blast

Blow up bridges and buildings!

Dynamite Blast 2

Enter the demolition profession!

Dynamite Blast 3

Blow up more structures!

Dynamite Train

Bring down the train!


Shape removal puzzle game!

Elemental Balance

Solve elemental puzzles!

Energy Physics

Electrocute bad guys!

Energy Physics: Robots Rebellion

Destroy robots with electricity!


Match colors and balances a seesaw!


Steady hand needed!

Expand It

Expand your mind!

Expand It: Travel

Touch the rainbow!

Expanded It

Things are about to get big!


Robots are evil!

Exploding Penguins

Penguins, bombs, and sushi!

Extreme Explosions

Clear a path for the rocket!

Fanged Fun

Transform fanged shapes!

Fantastic Contraption

Build a contraption and let physics do the rest!

Fantastic Contraption 2

What will you build?

Fantastic Contraption Prius

Make energy-efficient contraptions!
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