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Adventure X

Explore the rooms!

Alice Is Dead: Chapter 1

Take a trip to Wonderland!

Alice Is Dead: Episode 2

What's going on in Wonderland?


Head to the Old West!

Aurora 2

You have some investigating to do!

Automated Room Escape

Fool the fingerprint scanner!

Baba Yaga

Escape a witch's treehouse!

Bomb Defusal

Don't let it blow up!

Casual Gameplay Escape

Solve puzzles or stay trapped!

Catastrophe Escape

There's a tornado headed your way!

Charger Escape

Help a horse reach its full potential!

Computer Office Escape

Use your ingenuity!

Cube Core

What secrets does the cube hold?

Cube Escape: Arles

Welcome to 1888!

Cube Escape: Birthday

Happy birthday!

Cube Escape: Case 23

Investigate a brutal murder!

Cube Escape: Harvey's Box

Not for the claustrophobic!

Cube Escape: Seasons

Relive your memories!

Cube Escape: The Lake

Explore a lakeside cabin!

Cube Escape: The Mill

Escape the windmill!

Darkness Episode 3

Trapped on a train!

Deep Sleep Escape

Wake up from your nightmare!

Deeper Sleep

Will you ever wake up?

Don't Escape

Prevent yourself from escaping!

Easy Peasy Escape

This should be easy!

Easy Peasy Escape 2

Where did this blood come from?

Enter the Apartment

Enter the room!


Do just as the name implies!

Escape 2

Make a second escape!

Escape Artist

The art of escaping!

Escape Da House

Escape it... now!

Escape from 26

Escape your cage!

Escape from Mahir's Office

Escape a psycho's office!

Escape from the Laundromat

Make a clean getaway!

Escape from the Mysterious Gallery

Escape the art gallery!

Escape Logic

Use logic to escape

Escape the Apartment

Locked in an apartment with a strange pet!

Escape the Bathroom

A bathroom with lasers!

Escape the Car

Locked in the car!

Escape the Closet

From the car to the closet!

Escape the Dark Room

Get out of the dark!

Escape the Green Room

Trapped in another color!

Escape the Office

Just your typical office!

Escape the Orange Room

Find your way out of this messy room!

Escape the Pear Room

Escape game with a Christmas theme!

Escape the Pink Room

Explore and escape!

Escape the Phone Booth


Escape the Shack

No one wants to spend their life in a shack!

Escape the THK58

Evacuate before it's too late!

Get Out v2

Escape from the apartment!


Spend the night in a haunted house!


Solve some creepy puzzles!

Haunted Halloween Escape

Spend Halloween in a haunted house!

Himatubu Escape

How do you get out of this place?

Humanoid 47

Use what's left of your brain!


Escape the cold!

Icescape 2

Room escape game with action elements!


Escape the submarine!
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