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Zombie Games
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Dead Zed

Invest your time wisely!

Dead Zed 2

Shoot zombies and search for supplies!


Based on the stories of H.P. Lovecraft!

Death on Wheels

Kill zombies with a car!


Eliminate the undead threat!

Decision 2: New City

The decision is yours!

Decision 3

Every decision matters!

Decision Medieval

Zombies in the Middle Ages!

Defence of the Portal

Defend the portal!

Delicious Cortex

Lead an undead army!

Destroy All Zombies

You destroy them or they destroy you!

Died Hard

Stain the floors with zombie blood!

Diseased Corpse

A panoramic horror-adventure game!

Divine Intervention

Only a priest can save the world now!

Dude and Zombies

Dude, your car is broken!

Earn to Die

Die, upgrade, and die again!

Earn to Die 2012

Are you ready to die?

Earn to Die 2012: Part 2

Drive to survive!

Earn to Die 2: Exodus

Plow through zombies!

Eggbot vs. Zombies

Play as an egg-shaped robot!

Elite Squad

Build an elite squad!

Endless Zombie Rampage

Go on a zombie killing rampage!

Endless Zombie Rampage 2

The rampage never ends!

Epsilon Strain

Clear each sector of zombies!

Evilgeddon: Spooky Max

Evilgeddon is here!

Faster Than Zombies

Are you fast enough?

Feed with Brains

Serve up some brains!

Final Siege

Protect the city!

Flaming Zombooka

It's a bad day to be undead!

Flaming Zombooka 2

Get out your bazooka!

Flaming Zombooka 2 Level Pack

Say hello to my little friend!

Flaming Zombooka 3: Carnival

Put your bazooka to good use!

Flippin' Dead

It's good to be alive!

Fluffy Steel

Fluffy and deadly!

Funky Disco Zombies

Get funky with the undead!

Gunning Out of Space

Don't run out of space!

Headless Zombie

Don't lose your head!

Headless Zombie 2

Go headless!


Aim for the head!

Hungry are the Dead

Your brain are on the menu!


Impale your way to victory!

Impale 2

Launch zombies into spikes!

Impale 3

Put the spikes to good use!


Spread the disease!

Infectonator 2

Infect the pixelated population!

Infectonator Survivors

Manage a group of survivors!

Infectonator: Christmas Edition

Spoil Christmas with your deadly infection!

Infectonator: Hot Chase

Profess your undying love!

Insectonator: Zombie Mode

Exterminate tiny zombies!

Jack the Zombie

Flip the script on humans!

Killing Road

Ride or die!

Lab of the Dead

Undead experimentation!

Last Line of Defense

Fight for humanity!

Last Line of Defense: Second Wave

Another wave of zombies!

Last Town

Save the town!

Left to Die

Survive in the jungle!


Zombies are coming... kill them all!

Mass Mayhem: Zombie Apocalypse

Extra bloody mayhem!
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