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Zombie Games
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Toxie Radd 3D

Everything's better in 3D!


Unleash your rage!

Trucking Zombies

Fight off fast zombies!


Hasta la vista, baby!

Ultimate Down

Shoot stick figure zombies!

Undead End 2

Explore a ghost town!

Undead End Hardcore

Hardcore zombie violence!

Undead Highway

Paint the highway with zombie blood!

Undead Run

Fight your way through undead hordes!

Vanish Rain

Make zombies vanish!

War Zomb Avatar

Fight for survival!

Wasted Colony

The cure is out there!

We Are Legend

Music-based zombie game!

When the Plague Came

Fight the plague!

Working Stiffs

Escape your dead-end job!

Wrath of Zombies

Unlock new guns and hats!

You Are Undead

Play as a zombie!


Watch the apocalypse on TV!


Shoot hoops with your limbs!


Zombies on the rise!


Clear the city for landing!

Zombie and Juliet

Resurrect your lover!

Zombie Arena

Trapped in a dungeon with zombies!

Zombie Assault

Keep zombies out of your house!

Zombie at the Gates

Build a flying castle!

Zombie Avenue

Make it rain zombies!

Zombie Baseball

Play ball!

Zombie Boom

The more body parts, the better!

Zombie Breach

Don't let them in the city!

Zombie Buster

Launch bombs at zombies!

Zombie Cage

Don't eat my chicks!

Zombie Carnage

Unleash the carnage!

Zombie Choppa

Get to the choppa!

Zombie Crusade

Defend your kingdom against zombies!

Zombie Crypt

Control two characters simultaneously!

Zombie Crypt 2

Kill pixelated zombies with teamwork!

Zombie Crypt 3

Solve puzzles and slay zombies!

Zombie Defence

Stop the infection from spreading!

Zombie Defense Agency

Secure infected areas!

Zombie Demolisher

Kill the undead occupants!

Zombie Demolisher 2

Demolish zombie-infested buildings!

Zombie Derby

Drive through hordes of zombies!

Zombie Dozen

The more the bloodier!

Zombie Exploder

Furious punching and kicking action!

Zombie Exterminator Level Pack

Solve zombie-killing puzzles!

Zombie Fight Club

Welcome to Zombie Fight Club!

Zombie Grinder

Run through a zombie infested city!

Zombie Gunpocalypse

Don't waste your ammo!

Zombie Harvester Rush

Harvest the undead!

Zombie Hole

Top-down zombie shooting action!

Zombie Horde

Hordes of them!

Zombie Horde 2

Stay alive!

Zombie Horde 3

Survive in the city!

Zombie Horde Game

Control an undead army!

Zombie Incursion

The invasion has begun!

Zombie Inglor

Find a cure before it's too late!

Zombie Knight

The undead knight rises!

Zombie Korps

Hold your ground!

Zombie Last Night 2

Nothing is certain but death and zombies!
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