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Typing Games
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Air Typer

Type away!


Kill letters!

Axis of Evil Typing

Defend the cities against evil-doers!


Hit bloops with bubbles!

Clockwords Prelude

Harness the power of language!

Ink Battle

Don't let the ink ruin classic literary works!

Jack MacQwerty

Are you the fastest typer in the West?


Keep the puck in play!

Krazy Keyz

How fast can you type the alphabet?

Letters Game

The letters are falling!

Letters Master

Typing practice!

Magic Library

Let your fingers do the magic!


Use your keyboard as a weapon!

MoonType: Episode 2

Type and defend!

Ninja Hunter

Typing game with ninjas!

QWERTY Warriors

Typing defense game!

QWERTY Warriors 2

A very QWERTY sequel!

The Key Master

Master the art of typing!


Whack-a-mole typing game!

Type 'em Up

The letters shoot back!

Type Type Revolution

Musical typing!

Typing Game Collection

Three typing games and 21 lessons!

Typing the Distance

Type to the bottom!

Word Frenzy

Be the hunter, or be the hunted!
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