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Chain Reaction Games
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10 Bullets

How many ships can you destroy with 10 bullets?

10 More Bullets

Fill the sky with bullets!


Music-based chain reaction game!

Atomik Kaos

Solve the world's biggest problems!

Atomik Kaos 2

The kaos continues!


Split molecules!

Bomb a Bomb

40 levels of exploding bombs!

Bomb Chain

Explode all the bombs!

Bombs 2

More bombs!


Can you pass level 12?

Catchy Orbit

Pull orbs into your orbit!

Chain of Fire

70 levels of setting stickmen on fire!

Chain Reaction Game

Another game of chain reactions!

Chaos Theory

How many dots can you explode?

Chooka World

Burst some bubbles!

Circle Chain

Like Boomshine, with some variation!

Fire Flies

Light 'em up!

Flash Bombs

Explode bombs of the same color!


Experiment with goo!

Icy Fishes

Unfreeze and catch fish!

Icy Gifts

Release gifts from their frozen state!

Icy Gifts 2

Free Santa from his icy prison!


Infect the world in 60 seconds!

Infectonator 2

Infect the world again!

Infectonator: Christmas Edition

Where's your Christmas spirit!

Infectonator: World Dominator

Start a zombie apocalypse!

Kamikaze Pigs

Fight pigs with pigs!

Land of Mines

Set off mines to kill tiny monsters!


Link some balls!

Meltdown Puzzle

Make atoms grow until they explode!


Warning: highly explosive!


Full of pixel goodness!

Pixel 2

A pixel-packed sequel!


Create energetic chains!

Pretty Pretty Bang Bang

Inspired by Every Extend!

Reaction Effect

Click once to start a chain reaction!

Roadkill Revenge

Revenge is sweet!

Splash Back

A slimy puzzle game!


Light up the sky!

Starshine 2

Make the sky shine again!

Twinkling Sky

Create a domino effect!
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