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Kazahana: No Exit

Find the exit!

Killer Escape

Think like a killer!

Killer Escape 2: The Surgery

The nightmare continues!

Killer Escape 3

More horrors await you!

La Luna Hotel

Escape the La Luna Hotel!

Lab Escape

Locked in the lab!

Locked Inside: Episode 1

You know the drill!

Locked Inside: Episode 2

Point-and-click your way to freedom!

Locked Office

Locked inside the office!

Medieval Escape

Get out of the dungeon alive!

Mog House

Escape the Mog House!

Mog House 2

Revisit the Mog House!

Monster Basement

Escape before the monster returns!

Murder Escape

Flee from the murder scene!


Unlock the door!

Nighmare Escape

Escape your nightmare!

Office Escape

A bad day in the office!

Plumber Pickle

Get out of this pickle!

Poco Escape

Escape first, ask questions later!

Poco Escape 2

Same scenario, different room!

Polleke's Blue Room

Point, click, escape!

Prism Core

The third installment of the Core series!

Purple Planet

An adventure out of this world!

Puzzled 1

The first episode of Puzzled!

Puzzled 2

The second episode of Puzzled!

Puzzled 3

The third episode of Puzzled!

Puzzled 4

The fourth episode of Puzzled!

Railway to Heaven

Escape the cage before the train kills you!

Remote Escape

Lost your keys again!

Room Escape

Get away from the bomb!

Samsara Room

Not your typical room escape game!

Sealed Room

Don't get too cozy!

Ski Chalet Escape

Escape to skiing paradise!

Slammer Escape

Freedom awaits you!

Sniper Escape

Good luck, sniper!

Sphere Core

Solve the mystery of the sphere!

Stuck Inside

Get outside!

Succeed in Escaping

Can you succeed?

Terminal House

Another room to escape!

The Deepest Sleep

The final chapter!

The Doors

Open new doors!

The Escape

More room escaping!

The Great Bathroom Escape

Next stop: the bathroom!

The Great House Escape

The greatest house you will ever escape!

The Great Kitchen Escape

Wacky point-and-click game!

The Great Living Room Escape

Another great escape!

The Scarlet Room

Don't you hate waking up in strange rooms?

The Unforgiven Room

Can you escape the Unforgiven Room?

Time Escape Episode 1

Escape this old house!


Pirates and puzzles!


Trapped... can you escape?

Trapped Episode 2

Trapped again!

TRG Escape

Japanese room escape game!

Umang Room Escape

Based on a true story (supposedly).

Unfamiliar Room

Unfamiliar room with the same familiar story!
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