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Soul Shift

Remove the evil souls!

Space On-Air

Stay on air!

Space Blocks

Reach new heights!

Spaceman Max

Save the spaceman!

Spaceman Max 2

Escape a Martian volcano!

Spaceman 2023

Spaceman on a mission!

Spaceman 2024

Don't mess with the spaceman!

Spaceman vs. Monsters

Kill aliens and save your crew!


Throw spears at lizards!


Match 3 with physics!

Spiters Annihilation

Kill the monsters!

Spiters Annihilation Level Pack

If it's purple, kill it!

Spiters Annihilation 2

Save the kittens!

Spiters Annihilation 3

The spiteful monsters are back!


Physics-based cutter!

Splitter 2

Cut your way through 32 levels!

Splitter Pals

Think before you slice!

Sprocket Rocket

Reinvent the rocket!

Stack It Up

How does your stack... stack up?


Jenga-like physics game!

Stack of Defence

How will your defenses stack up?


Stack those shapes!

Star Claws

Cats are humanity's last hope!

Star Drops

Lower the star!

Starfire Puzzler

Shoot the stars!


A steampunk-themed puzzler!


Two-wheeled puzzler!

SteerWheels 2

Keep on rolling!


Collect money with sticks!

Sticky Blobs

Solve sticky puzzles!

Sticky Linky

Match sticky creatures!

Stinger Zed: Mission Undead

Your mission is complete when every zombie is dead!

Sugar, Sugar

Draw lines and collect sugar!

Sugar, Sugar 2

A very sweet sequel!

Sugar, Sugar 3

Catch the sugar!

Sugar, Sugar: The Christmas Special

Sugary Christmas goodness!


Fun with the Sun!

Sunny Boom

A sunny puzzler!

Super Santa Bomber

Who needs reindeer when you have bombs?

Super Santa Kicker 2

The tradition continues!

Super Santa Kicker 3

It's time to kick Santa again!

Super Stacker

Shape stacking!

Super Stacker 2

Stack editor included!

Super Stacker 3

Stack 'em!

Surplus Soldiers

Launch soldiers into treasure chests!

Sushi vs. Blockies

Survive the sushi apocalypse!


Swap and remove objects!

Swift Turn

Rotate your world!

Swift Turn 2

Complete your star collection!

Take It Down

Reduce the height of buildings!

Tank in Action

Get into action!

Teddies and Monsters

Knock monsters into the lava!

Terrorist Despoiler

Stop the terrorists!

Test Pilot

Engineer vehicles and test them out!

Tetri Tower

When life hands you Tetris shapes, make a tower!

The Circular Blot

Put the ball in the basket!

The Circular Blot 2

Return of the blot!

The Flood: Salvation

Prepare for a flood!

The Successful Experiment

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
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