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Agent Turnright

One way, one button!

Armor Trigger

Put your finger on the trigger!


Break your finga!

Binga 2

Get your mini-game on!

Binga 3

More finger-breaking puzzles!

Brain Builder

Train your brain!

Bustabrain 2

The dice of doom!


A psychedelic arcade experience!


Can you find the play button?

ClickPlay 2

Clicky clicky!

ClickPlay 3

Click your way to victory!

ClickPlay Quickfire 1

Get ready to click!

ClickPlay Quickfire 3

Fire up your brain!

ClickPlay Rainbow

A rainbow of puzzles!

ClickPlay Rainbow 2

Solve colorful puzzles!

ClickPlay Time

It's time to play!

ClickPlay Time 2

Time is ticking!

ClickPlay Time 3

Keep clicking!

ClickPlay Time 4

Click for success!

Cursor Chaos

Mini-game madness!

Disney Super Arcade

Play as your favorite Disney characters!

Dumb Ways to Die 2

Be smart or be dead!

Flash Point

Save your girlfriend!

Four Second Firestorm

Four seconds per game!

Four Second Frenzy

Every second counts!

Four Second Fury

Furious minigame action!

Grid 16

A WarioWare type game!

Gumball Trophy Challenge

A Mario Party-style game!


Complete all 45 minigames!

Inflatable Basterds

Get revenge on the principal!

Me and the Key

Get that key!

Me and the Key 2

You lost your keys again!

Monkey Go Happy

Make a monkey smile!

Monkey Go Happy 2

A banana just won't do!

Monkey Go Happy 3

Bring happiness to monkeys!

Monkey Go Happy 4

Turn those frowns upside down!

Monkey Go Happy 5

Such a sad monkey!

Monkey Go Happy 6

Brighten up a monkey's day!

Monkey Go Happy Marathon

Choose your monkey!

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2

Don't worry, be happy!

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3

The marathon continues!

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 4

The sad monkeys are back!

Monkey Go Happy Mayhem

Entertain a monkey!

Monkey Go Happy Survive

Can you survive?


Ascend a tower of mini-games!

Mouse Quest

All you need is your mouse!

Nerve Jangla

Think fast!

Ninja Cat

Test your reflexes!

Ninja Glove

Do you have ninja fingers?

Puppy Stew

Rescue the puppies!

Silly Ways to Get Infected

Flatten the curve!

There Is Never Enough Space

Solve everyday problems!

Tiny Trials

Think quick!

Unagi 16

Crack all 16 codes!

What's Up Snoopy

Play as Snoopy!
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