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10 Second Challenge

How many points can you score?

12 Hole Xmas

A golf course with a Christmas theme!

247 Mini Golf

Play mini golf all day, every day!

3D Championship Golf

Nine holes of 3D golf!

Adam and Eve Golf

Prehistoric golf!

Adventure Golf

It's not just golf, it's an adventure!

Backdoor Golf

Not your grandpa's golf!

Battle Golf

Two players, one hole!

Bouncy Golf

Golf with a bouncy ball!

Bumper Golf

Those bumpers can be annoying!

Disc Golf

No golf balls in this game!


Who knew elephants could play golf?

Everybody's Golf

Don't hit it out of bounds!

Flash Golf 2001

Flash golf with all the hazards!

Forest Golf

Take on the forest challenge!

Furious Golf

Watch out for hazards!

Galaxy Golf

Golf goes galactic!


It's not golf... it's gelf!

Golf Drive

Golf with a catapult!

Golf Is Hard

No walking on the course!

Golf Master 3D

Try to master all 18 holes!

Golf Jam

Target practice!

Golfy Golf

Golfy goodness!

Greatest Golfer

A zany golf game!

Grow in the Hole

Golf with growing balls!

Island Mini-Golf

Only on Gilligan's Island!

Just Golf

Play a game of golf!

Mani Golf

2D golf platformer!

Match Practice Golf

Practice your short game!

Medieval Golf

Bring your own bows!

Midi Golf

A beautiful 18-hole course!

Mini Golf

Wait until you see the 18th hole!

Mini Golf Buddies

Put you putting skills to the test!

Mini Golf World

Putt your way to victory!

Mini Golf: Hole in One Club

Shoot for a hole in one!

Mini Putt

Classic putting game!

Mini Putt 2

More miniature golf fun!

Mini Putt 3

Play a round with up to three other players!

Ninja Golf

This ninja golfs!

Panda Golf

Pandas and golf!

Pirate Golf Adventure

Go on a golfing adventure!

Pitch 'n' Putt

Watch out for the pets!

Putt Base

Solve miniature golf puzzles!

Putt More Base

Think before you putt!

Putter Nutter

A nutty golf game!


Golfing with power-ups!

PowerPutt Legend

NES-style golf game with RPG elements!

Pressure Shot

Can you handle the pressure?

Putt It In

Can you putt it in?

Ryder Cup Challenge

Play Europe or USA!

Self Golf

Be the ball!

Silly Golf

Golf with silly physics!


Tee up some squirrels!

St. Mulligan's 3-Putt

Golfing in kilts!

The Mile High Club

Join the Mile High Club!

Tree Golf

Tree it up!

Turbo Golf

Race to the hole!

Ultimate Mini-Golf Universe

A zany mini golf game!


Just tap it in!

X Golf

Online golfing demo!
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