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In Tri-achnid you play as an endangered species of exopod on the verge of extinction. You can pick up and move the tri-achnid's feet by clicking on them with your mouse then dragging them where you want. The tri-achnid's feet can attach to almost any surface. You can also position the tri-achnid's head to help him balance with the A, S, D and W keys. The tri-achnid can grab on to objects by picking up a foot and pressing space while its foot is touching the object. Releasing the object under the tri-achnid's jaws will place the object into its mout to be eaten or held. The tri-achnid can send a web from its feet by selecting a foot with your mouse and then clicking CTRL. Pressing the selected foot against platforms will attach the web to them, enabling you to repel down cliffs. Grabbing your line (with space) as you repel will stop the line from being spun. Pressing CTRL again will cut your line. The tri-achnid can interact with its web by grabbing it with the space bar held. You can also attach a loose line to a platform by pressing the held web against a desired platform and releasing space.
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