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To win the game you should remove all the spheres that are situated inside the pentagon. To blow off these spheres, shoot at them with one of the spheres from its sides. You should first choose the sphere you want to shoot with (a click on it will activate the sphere) and then click in the part of the board you want it to go. Don't be surprised if the sphere doesn't get where you wanted it to; a sphere can slip only between two spheres on the next row. If you manage to eliminate all the spheres of a certain color your score will be doubled and two more rows of spheres will be added to the board. The color you have removed won't come to the board again. A certain number of attempts is given to allow a player to blow up as many spheres as possible. As soon as all the attempts are over one more row of spheres will be added to the board. Sometimes spheres can fall apart from the stock after a shot or a new row being added to the board. They will disappear. You will get a bonus of 100 points for each sphere destroyed in such a way.
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