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Pie Man

Play the 80's arcade hit in all its glory! This updated version features new game modes, cheats, and functionality on mobile devices. In addition to the original game, you can play as Ms. Pie-Man and Cookie-Man.

For those of you who have never played this classic game, the rules are quite simple. You control a pie-shaped character that can move in any of the four cardinal directions provided that there isn't a wall in the way. Your task is to navigate the entire maze in order to consume all of the dots. This won't be easy, though. There are four ghosts roaming the maze. You must avoid these ghosts in their original state. However, there are four larger dots (Power Pellets) near of each of the four corners of the maze that will allow you to eat ghosts for points. Another way to score extra points is by eating bonus fruits that appear near the center of the maze.

Dot: 10 pts.
Power Pellet: 50 pts.
Ghosts: 200 pts. (1x), 400 pts. (2x), 800 pts. (3x), 1600 pts. (4x)
Cherry: 100 pts.
Strawberry: 300 pts.
Orange: 500 pts.
Apple: 700 pts.
Melon: 1000 pts.
Galaxian Boss: 2000 pts.
Bell: 3000 pts.
Key: 5000 pts.

Move with the arrow keys or slide your finger in the direction that you want to move.

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