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Agent Turnright

One way, one button!

Armor Trigger

Put your finger on the trigger!


Break your finga!

Binga 2

Get your mini-game on!

Binga 3

More finger-breaking puzzles!

Brain Builder

Train your brain!

Bustabrain 2

The dice of doom!


A psychedelic arcade experience!


Can you find the play button?

ClickPlay 2

Clicky clicky!

ClickPlay 3

Click your way to victory!

ClickPlay Quickfire 1

Get ready to click!

ClickPlay Quickfire 3

Fire up your brain!

ClickPlay Rainbow

A rainbow of puzzles!

ClickPlay Rainbow 2

Solve colorful puzzles!

ClickPlay Time

It's time to play!

ClickPlay Time 2

Time is ticking!

ClickPlay Time 3

Keep clicking!

ClickPlay Time 4

Click for success!

Cursor Chaos

Mini-game madness!

Flash Point

Save your girlfriend!

Four Second Firestorm

Four seconds per game!

Four Second Frenzy

Every second counts!

Four Second Fury

Furious minigame action!

Grid 16

A WarioWare type game!


Complete all 45 minigames!

Inflatable Basterds

Get revenge on the principal!

Me and the Key

Get that key!

Me and the Key 2

You lost your keys again!

Monkey Go Happy

Make a monkey smile!

Monkey Go Happy 2

A banana just won't do!

Monkey Go Happy 3

Bring happiness to monkeys!

Monkey Go Happy 4

Turn those frowns upside down!

Monkey Go Happy 5

Such a sad monkey!

Monkey Go Happy 6

Brighten up a monkey's day!

Monkey Go Happy Marathon

Choose your monkey!

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2

Don't worry, be happy!

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3

The marathon continues!

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 4

The sad monkeys are back!

Monkey Go Happy Mayhem

Entertain a monkey!


Ascend a tower of mini-games!

Mouse Quest

All you need is your mouse!

Nerve Jangla

Test your reflexes!

Ninja Glove

Do you have ninja fingers?

Tiny Trials

Think quick!

Unagi 16

Crack all 16 codes!
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