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Bullet Bill

Be the bullet!

Bullet Bill 2

Bullet Bill is back!

Bullet Bill 3

It's the bullet's time to shine!

Classic Mario Bros.

Help the plumbers kill the pests!

Flash Mario Bros

Starring Mario and Luigi!

Hungry Hungry Mario

It's Mario and he's hungry!

Infinite Mario

Mario with randomly generated levels!

Kill the Plumber

Play as the enemy!

Kill the Plumber 2

The roles have been reversed!

Koopa's Revenge

Koopa wants revenge!

Luigi's Day

It's Mario's day off!

Luigi's Mansion

The ghost has captured Mario!

Luigi's Revenge

Luigi is back with a vengeance!

Mario Bros MX

Mario game for two players!

Mario Catcher

Catch the falling Marios!

Mario Combat

Mario has a few new moves up his sleeve!

Mario Forever Flash

The famous Italian plumber returns!

Mario Kart Xtreme

The extremely violent side of Mario!

Mario Remix

Three games in one!

Mario Rush Arena

Kill goombas and koopas!

Mario Starcatcher 2

Reach for the stars!

Mario Tetris 3

Tetris with a Super Mario theme!

Mario Time Attack

Bring Princess Peach her water!

Mario Video Poker

Poker with a Mario theme!

Mario World

Save the Princess!

Mario World 2

Super Mario World clone!

Mario World Overrun

Defend your castle!

Mario's Adventure

Another adventure featuring Mario!

Mario's Adventure 2

A 3D looking Mario game!

New Super Mario Bros.

Well, this is new!

Super Mafia Bros

Super Mario meets the Mafia!

Super Mario 63

Collect those shine sprites!

Super Mario Bounce

Mario with limited bounces!

Super Mario Cape Glide

How far can you glide?

Super Mario Crossover

The ultimate NES mashup!

Super Mario Crossover 2

A Nintendo fan's dream come true!

Super Mario Crossover 3

Relive the glory days of Nintendo!

Super Mario Defence

Defend your castle against Mario clones!

Super Mario Flash

Super Mario in Flash!

Super Mario Flash World

A Mario platformer!

Super Mario Halloween

The Halloween edition!

Super Mario Hopscotch

Don't touch the ground!

Super Mario Mushroom

Find the mushrooms!

Super Mario Power Coins

Footballs, fireballs, mushrooms and more!

Super Mario Rampage

He's on a rampage!

Super Mario Slots

Feeling lucky?

Super Mario Star Scramble

Can you defeat Bowser?

Super Mario Star Scramble 2

Save the Mushroom Kingdom!

Super Mario Star Scramble 3

Scramble for stars!

Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine in 2D!

Super Mario World Flash

The wonderful world of Mario!

Super Mario World Flash 2

32 levels of classic platforming action!

Super Mario World Revived

Revival of the classic SNES game!

Tuper Tario Tros

Mario meets Tetris!

Ultimate Mario Quiz

You've played the games, now take the quiz!
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