Sinjid's Battle Arena

Battle against different opponents as they get bigger and harder. Earn skills and purchase upgrades to become a great warrior. There are 4 things that determine how strong your character is. Attack is how much damage you do in battle. Life is how much damage you can take. Speed is how long it takes for you to get ready to attack. Skills are various moves that range from healing yourself to killing. Money is what you upgrade your attack, life, and speed with. Exp. is what you need to get new skills or upgrade ones you have. Before every battle, you will be in walking mode. You can talk to people if you want to upgrade skills/stats, change outfits, save/load, get advice for the next battle, or enter cheat codes. When you're ready for the next battle, walk into the portal. The harder difficulty you select, the more level you will get to play.
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