Fowl Words

This is a barnyard game between you and seven hens. Each hen bears a letter. Use the letters to spell as many words as you can before time runs out. To spell a word, type the letters or click the hens in order, and the word appear. Press your ENTER key or click the Enter button to enter the word and start the next one. You BACKSPACE key erases the last letter, and the ESC key or Clear button will erase all letters. Press your SPACEBAR or the Scrambler button to scramble up the letters for a different perspective. To keep things interesting, you get to bet how well you can do at the beginning of each round. Can you find 8 words for 1,000 bonus points? 13 words for 3,000 bonus points? What about 19 words for a big 10,000 bonus points? Don't shoot too high, because if you miss, the game is over! The words you find are stacked in the egg rack above the hens. You score 100 for each 3 letter word, 200 for 4 letters, 400 for 5 letters, 800 for 6 letters, and 1,600 for 7 letters. Each round, the 7 letters are guaranteed to spell at least one 7 letter word.
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