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Imperfect Balance 3

Nothing is perfect!

Impulse J

Make a tower of jelly!

Inca Blocks

Move tribal blocks to where they belong!


Build your own robots!

IncrediBots 2

Even more incredible than before!

Indi Cannon

Collect coins with a cannon and Indy ragdolls!

Indi Cannon Players Pack

Every coin must be collected!

Inflate Us

Solve puzzles with inflatable shapes!

Inflate Us 2

More inflatable fun!

Ink Ball

Fill up the ink pot!


Tower building game!

IQ Ball

Grapple your way to victory!


You shoot, they eat!

Jack the Zombie

Play as a zombie!

Jelly Alien

Close encounters of the jelly kind!

Jelly Cannon

Merge gelatinous blobs!

Jelly Lam

Stretch your sticky arms!

Jelly Tower

Construct wobbly skyscrapers!

Jelly Towers

Feed the monsters!


It's like Civiballs!

Juicy Bazooka

Knock out the food burglars!

Jump Out! The Box

Rescue the bugs!

Jump Out! The Computer

Escape from the computer!

Jungle Wars

Greet pirates with grenades!


Do you like popping balloons?

Kaboomz 2

Blue is good, red is bad!

Kaboomz 3

Leave no balloon unpopped!

Kaboomz 4

Shoot and pop!

Kamikaze Blocks

Make it rain blocks!

Kamikaze Blocks 123

Every shot counts!

Kamikaze Blocks 2: Antigravity

Knock your blocks off!

Kick the Block

Knock blocks into oblivion!

King Defender

Protect the King and Queen!

King's Game

There can only be one King!

King's Game 2

Show the warlocks who's King!

Kitty Bomber

Boom goes the kitty!


Escape the lab!

Laser Cannon

Kill monsters with lasers!

Laser Cannon 2

The evil furbies are back!

Laser Cannon 3

Clean up a monster infestation!

Laser Cannon 3: Level Pack

Show those monsters no mercy!

Lazy Thief

Steal the gems!

Leila and the Magic Ball

A game about a girl and her ball!

Let It Glow

Light up levels!

Let It Glow 2

Every bulb must glow!

Let It Rain

Water the plants!

Light Up

Light 'em up!

Light Up 2

Light up your mind!


Go with the flow!

Little Animals Rescue

Reunite baby animals with their parents!

Little Home

Slice your way home!

Little Ninja

Kill your foes with shurikens and blades!

Lofty Tower 2

Take these blocks to new heights!

Lost Head

The head needs a body!

Lull Them All

Put the kids to sleep!

Mad Bombs

Blow up zombie pirates!

Mad Bombs 2

Explosive teamwork!

Magic Blaster

Kill goblins with spells!

Magic Pen

The magical world of physics!

Magic Pen 2

New levels, same rules!
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