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Freaky Cows

Keep the cows afloat!

Freezy Mammoth

Freeze and unfreeze mammoths!


Rid the world of mutant flies!


When life hands you fruit, make juice!

Fun da Vinci

Fun with physics!

Future Buddy

Cut your way to the future!

FWG Bridge

Physics-based bridge builder!

FWG Bridge 2

More levels of building bridges!

Gang Blast

There's a new sheriff in town!

Gang Blast 2

Wipe out the gangs!

Gem Grab

Don't leave without your treasure!


Collect all of the gems!

Gemollection Players Pack

More gems to collect!


Save the cells!

Ghost Trix

These ghosts have a few tricks up their sleeves!


Use your ghostly abilities!


Save hanging people with your archery skills!

Gibbets 2

Save more lives!

Gibbets 2 Level Pack

Aim carefully!

Gibbets 3

Don't hang up your bow yet!

Gibbets 4

Put an end to hangings!

Gibbets: Santa in Trouble

Don't leave Santa hanging!

Gift Rush

Bring presents to your babies!

Gift Rush 2

Catch the fly!

Gift Rush 3

Bring the baby spiders their cake!

Gifts Pusher

Put gifts in their place!

Gifts Pusher 2

More gift-pushing puzzles!

Giraffe Hero

Rescue the caged animals!


Gluey goodness!

Gluey 2

Clean up this gluey mess!

Go Home Ball

Guide the ball home!

Go Home Ball 2

Help these homeless balls!

Go Robots

Teleport the robots to safety!

Golden Scarabaeus

Collect the golden scarabs!


Futuristic golf!

Good Daddy

Like father, like son!

Good Daddy 2

Father knows best!

Gravity Master

Master all 24 levels!

Greed for Coins

Feed your greed!

Greedy Pirates

Feed your greed!

Green Liquid

Destroy and manipulate objects!

Halloween Shooter

Witches, vampires and mummies!


Rambo has nothing on this pig!

Hambo 2

Teach these gangster pigs a lesson!

Hammer Ball

Use centripetal force to your advantage!

Hanna in a Choppa

Get to da choppa!

Hanna in a Choppa 2

Revenge of the button!

Happy Builder

Can you build it?


Happiness is contagious!

Harry Likes Plums

Help a plum-loving alien!

Hate Red

Do you hate the color red?

Haunted Halloween

Bring the headless horseman his head!

Headless Joe

Joe needs a head!

Hell on Duty

Complete your evil duty!

Help Me

Beam me up, Scotty!

Hide Caesar

Hide the Roman coins!

Hide Caesar 2

It's raining rocks!

Hide Snowman

Don't let the snowmen melt!

Hippie Phuzzle

Psychedelic physics puzzles!

Hit the Troll

No trolls allowed!
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