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Draka 2: No More Christmas

You're a mean one, Mr. Draka!


Draw and defend!

Drawfender Level Pack

Use your pencil wisely!

Dream Car Racing

Dream it, build it, drive it!


Nothing to do with drunk driving!

Dummy Crusher

Crush those dummies!

Dummy Crusher 2

More dummy-crushing fun!

Dummy Never Fails

Failure is not an option!

Dummy Never Fails 2

Now with a dummy editor!

Dummy Never Fails: Community

Dummies get no respect!

Dungeon Breaker

Break free of these chains!

Dusty Monsters Christmas

The monsters just want some candy for Christmas!

Dwarf Coins

Collect gems and coins!

Dynamic Systems

Solve puzzles, Rube Goldberg style!

Dynamic Systems 2

Create complex contraptions!

Dynamite Blast

Blow up bridges and buildings!

Dynamite Blast 2

Enter the demolition profession!

Dynamite Blast 3

Blow up more structures!

Dynamite Train

Bring down the train!


Shape removal puzzle game!

Elemental Balance

Solve elemental puzzles!

Energy Physics

Electrocute bad guys!

Energy Physics: Robots Rebellion

Destroy robots with electricity!


Match colors and balances a seesaw!


Steady hand needed!

Expand It

Expand your mind!

Expand It: Travel

Touch the rainbow!

Expanded It

Things are about to get big!


Robots are evil!

Extreme Explosions

Clear a path for the rocket!

Fanged Fun

Transform fanged shapes!

Fantastic Contraption

Build a contraption and let physics do the rest!

Fantastic Contraption 2

What will you build?

Fantastic Contraption Prius

Make energy-efficient contraptions!

Fastone Pyramid

Stack them fast!

Feed Me Moar

Put the monsters to sleep!

Feed Me Moar 2

Hungry for more!

Feed Me Moar 3

Back for thirds!

Feed Prumpa

Feed the gassy elephant!

Feed the Mooks

Feed shapes their favorite fruit!

Feed the Panda

Similar to Cut the Rope!

Feed with Brains

Feed the zombies!


Fill up the screen!

Find the Candy

Where is the candy?

Find the Candy 2

Show me the candy!

Fire It Up

Play with fire!

Fire's Revenge

Set the world on fire!

Fish Need Water

Solve fishy puzzles!

Flaming Zombooka

Bazookas + zombies = fun!

Flaming Zombooka 2

Gratuitous zombie violence!

Flaming Zombooka 2 Level Pack

Bazooka vs. zombies, round three!

Flaming Zombooka 3: Carnival

Welcome to the carnival!

Fly Away Rabbit

Silly rabbit, balloons are for kids!

Fly N Frog

Catch the flies!


Star collecting puzzle game!

Forklift Kid

Solve physics puzzles with a forklift!

Fort Blaster: Ahoy There

Blast forts for treasure!

Fort Blaster: Puzzle

More fort-blasting puzzles!


Throw grenades at your enemies!

Fragger Lost City

Blow up the city with a pocket full of grenades!
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