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Roly-Poly Cannon 2

Don't kill the good roly-polies!

Roly-Poly Cannon 3

Level editor included!

Roly-Poly Eliminator

No cannon this time!

Roly-Poly Eliminator 2

Exterminate spherical monsters!

Roly-Poly Monsters

The little monsters are back!

Rubble Trouble: Moscow

Reduce buildings to rubble!

Rubble Trouble: New York

Demolish buildings efficiently!

Rubble Trouble: Tokyo

There's trouble in Tokyo!

Safari Time

Are you ready for a safari?

Safari Time 2

Back to Africa!


So cold!

Saunavihta Vortex

Click your way to warmth!

Saunavihta Yetis

Now with yetis!

Save My Tree

Bring the tree to life!

Save the Dummy

Rescue this dummy!

Save the Dummy: Level Pack

A dummy in need is a dummy indeed!

Score the Goal

Get the balls in the goal!

Screw the Nut

Nut on the loose!

Screw the Nut 2

Screw it again!

Screw the Nut 3

Screw the nut underwater!

Shoot the Aliens

If it doesn't look human, shoot it!

Shrink It

There will be significant shrinkage!

Shrink It 2

To shrink or not to shrink... that is the question!

Shrink It: Falling

Just shrink it!

Shrink Tower

Shrink the tower!


Roll, smash and stick!

Siege Hero: Viking Vengeance

Death to all vikings!

Siege Hero: Pirate Pillage

Take on the pirates!

Siege Master

Siege the day!


Knock 'em dead!


Castle smashing fun!

Sieger 2

The age of gunpowder!

Sieger: Level Pack

Smash those castles!

Sieger: Rebuilt to Destroy

Relive historical sieges!

Simple Motions

Guide the ball to the flag!

Simple Motions 2

Manipulate the path of a spiky ball!


Crush skeletal kings!

Skullhunter: Level Pack

Let's go skeleton hunting!

Skullhunter: Player Pack

Hunt some more skulls!

Slash Boom

Slice it up, blow it up!


Don't wake them up!

Slice of Zen

Leave no object unsliced!

Slice Wise

Use your cuts wisely!


Take it one slice at a time!


Slice and collide objects!

Slicerix: New Dimension

More slicing puzzles!

Slow and Blow Kings

Blow up things in slow motion!


Drop objects on top of zombies!

Snail Bob

Bob is a little slow!

Snoring 2: Wild West

Put an end to the elephant's snoring!

Snoring 2: Winter Edition

Winter brings snow and snoring elephants!

Snoring 3: Treasure Island

Wake up the captain!

Snoring Before Time

It's time to wake up!

Snowball Siege

Don't open the red presents!

Soccer Balls

Kick balls at referees!

Soccer Balls 2

Just kick it!

Soccer Balls 2 Level Pack

Score more goals!
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