The object of the game is to clear the game board of tiles before they stack to the top. Clear tiles by spelling words using three or more lettered tiles. Tiles do not have to touch when spelling a word, however they need be clicked in the correct spelling order. The game turns the lettered tiles green when it recognizes the word you are spelling. Submit the word for points by double clicking on the last letter tile or continue creating a larger word. Advance to the next round by clearing the game board of tiles or surviving a 90 second round without the tiles stacking to the top. The larger the word, the higher your score. 3 Tiles = 100, 4 Tiles = 250, 5 Tiles = 500, 6 Tiles = 1000, 7 Tiles = 1500, 8 Tiles = 2000. Use 4 similar colored tiles to make a word and receive a 1000 point bonus. Make the required number of words for the "Words 4 Bonus" and gain 5000 points. Clear the game board of tiles and receive 5000 bonus points. Earn 25 points for every space left clear on the board at the end of a round. Use a Black Tile when making a word and unlock the Bonus Session. You then have 6 seconds to zap similar colored tiles that are in clusters of three or more! Special Tiles will disappear and instantly activate a special event when they are adjacent to a similar tile. Line Zapper Tile - Will tak out the topmost line of tiles. Color Wheel Tile - Will change all of the tiles to the moving Color Wheel Tile's color. Bomb Tile - Will instantly activate the Tile Zapper. Zap similar colored tiles with one click!
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