Super Handball

Players must serve the ball before the ball hits the ground twice. Players alternate turns hitting the ball. After the serve, players must hit the ball so that it does not hit the ground before it hits the front wall. When a player hits the ball against the front wall, it is the other player's turn to return the ball. The other player must hit the ball before the ball bounces twice on the ground. The back wall is out of bounds. You must hit the ball before it hits the back wall. You can only score if it was your serve. If you lose the rally and it was your serve, you lose your serve. Use the mouse to direct your player. Press the mouse button down to wind up your shot, releasing the mouse button to swat the ball. The longer your windup, the harder you hit the ball. If you hold down the left or right arrow keys when you release the mouse, you will direct your shot to the left or right.
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