Pyramid Solitaire

JSolitaire Pyramid requires a java-enabled browser
The goal of Pyramid solitaire is to eliminate the entire deck by finding pairs of cards which total thirteen (Kings are eliminated singly). At the start of the game, only the cards in bottom row of the pyramid are available. The other rows in the pyramid become accessible as the cards below them are removed. The cards which are not in the pyramid are cycled through one at a time. There are three areas of the screen. he pyramid initially contains 28 cards arranged in seven rows. A card cannot be removed from the pyramid if it is covered by another card. Two cards must be removed to access the cards in the upper rows in the middle of the pyramid, but the cards in the sides of the pyramid only need one removal to become available. The stock is located in the upper left corner of the screen with the waste pile below it. Right clicking anywhere on the screen or clicking twice on the stock will move the card on top of the stock to the waste pile and display the next card in the stock. The card on top of the waste pile is available. The discard pile is located on the right side of the screen below the button panel. Pairs of cards which total 13 (and kings) are moved to this stack. The game is won when all 52 cards are in this pile.

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