Letter Rip

The object of the game is to create words by selecting adjacent lettered tiles in the correct order on the game board. The words must be at least 3 letters and no more than 8 letters. Each tile is initially worth 10 points, and the number of points (shown at the bottom of the tile) increases each time the tile is used. You receive bonuses for creating longer words - 2X score for 5 letters, 3X score for 6 letters, and 4X for 7 and 8 letters. If you are playing the Timed Game, you have 2 minutes each round to find as many words as you can. If you can find the minimum required number of words, which increases each round, you advance to the next round. If you are playing the Untimed Game, you have unlimited time to concentrate on finding words with the highest point values, and the round advances every 20 words. Tips: Selected tiles turn green when they form an acceptable word. You can click enter or double click the last letter of the word to submit it. If you can't find a word, press the Shuffler to really shake things up. But remember, you can only shuffle the tiles 3 times. To clear a selected letter, click on it, and to clear all letters, click on the first letter of the word or the clear button. Pay special attention to each tile's point value found at the bottom of the tile to rack up higher scores.
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