Fowl Words 2

Typing Games
Welcome to the Chicken Ranch where every hen is busy laying lettered eggs. You must spell the word that the eggs form before they fall off the conveyor belt. To spell a word, type the letters on your keyboard. The lettered eggs will automatically disappear once the word is completely and correctly spelled. The game is over if you allow 36 eggs to fall off the conveyor belt and crack. Score points by correctly spelling out the words. The faster you correctly type the words, the higher your score will be! Receive a 1500 point Accuracy Bonus for spelling 100% of the required words without making a mistake. Type out a word that includes an Easter Egg and get 5 Cracked Eggs erased. Blue Bonus Rounds appear every 4 rounds! You will not be penalized for cracking an egg during the Bonus Round. During the Bonus Round the eggs will be scrambled. You must find the hidden words by typing the correct spelling of the word. The first round is easy. But in each new round, the conveyor belts move faster, the words get longer, and the pressure builds. Don't be a chicken; see how many rounds you can complete!
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