Eukarion Tales 2

Continue your journey as a young knight in the sequel to the hack-and-slash RPG, Eukarion Tales. In this episode, you find yourself at a military encampment. Interact with characters to obtain quests, which will then be described in your journal. Once you have quests, you can set forth into the world to complete them. The world is divided into several regions; grey regions are locked and require keys to access them. As you venture through regions, you will fight many enemies, which will drop coins and other goodies when killed. You can equip items such as armor, weapons and potions on the inventory screen. Killing enemies also gives you experience, and when you level up, you receive points that can be used to upgrade your characteristics and abilities on the stats screen. In addition to upgrading your stats, you can learn new spells by accessing your spellbook. You get one point for spells when you level up.
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