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Jonny Backflip

Bike-flipping action!


Launch and land the stuntman!

Kick the Critter

Help the critter reach Noah's Ark!

Kid Launcher

Don't try this at home!

King's Rush

It's good to be the King!

Kitten Cannon

No real kittens were harmed in the making of this game!

Knight Runner

Run, knight, run!

Knightmare Tower

Slay monsters and save princesses!

Learn to Fly

Prove that penguins can fly!

Learn to Fly 2

Fly or die tryin'!

Learn to Fly 3

The penguin flies again!

Mad Burger

Who doesn't love a good burger?

Mad Burger 2

Serve the hungry campers!

Mad Burger 3: Wild West

Now with more beef!

Mad Day

Defeat the aliens!

Mad Day 2

Rescue your pet octopus!

Mad Karate Man

Beat the crap out of a businessman!


Click to make Manole fly!

Mardi Gras Mayhem

Love isn't cheap!


Pig paradise awaits you!

Meteor Launch

Space is missing a meteor!

Micro Olympics

Go the distance!

Monkey Kick

Kick, dive, roll, and fly!

Monty's Moon

Put a monkey on the Moon!

My Dear Boss

Give your boss the boot!

My Dear Bosses

Show your boss who's boss!

Nanaca Crash

Anime distance game!

Paper Airplane

Just grab and throw!

Paper Flight

A paper plane throwing game!

Pirate Launch

Arrgh! There be treasure on that there island!

Plunder Mars

Plunder the red planet!

Pogo Swing

Swing set shenanigans!

Polar Boar

Distance game with penguins a boar!


Save the economy!

Potty Racers 3

The Wright Brothers would be proud!

Potty Racers 4

Stink up the world!

Poultry Punt

How far can you punt the poultry?

Prison Throw

Help the prisoner escape!

Psychic Arrow

Tap into your psychic abilities!

Pumpkin Smashin

A Halloween tradition!

Rat Shot

Use a rat as a projectile!

Rats and Spears

Javelin throwing!

Reach the Core

Drill to the planet's core!

Rocket Santa

Santa traded his reindeer for a rocket!

Rocket Santa 2

Take Santa to new heights!

Rocket Pets

Launch rocket-powered pets!


Launch a rocket with a catapult!

Rockstar Hotel

Launch furniture like a rock star!

Rudolph's Kick n' Fly

Christmas-themed game with a farting santa!


Blow and plant seeds!

Serf's Up

Whack the peasants!

Shopping Cart Hero

Go from a zero to a hero!

Shopping Cart Hero 3

Achieve your shopping cart dreams!

Shopping Cart Hero 4

The classic returns in HD!

Six Feet Under

Coffin launch!

Sleigh Shot

Beat your opponent's distance!

Slingshot Santa

It's Santa's turn to be catapulted!

Snot Put

Fun with boogers!

Spear Toss

Throw the spear!
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